Is the beer on your mind the one in your glass?  Like most of you, I grew up on yellow beer.  Since that was the only thing available, I learned to like it.  After traveling around the world with the U.S. Navy, I learned there was life beyond American Ale.  I also learned that good beer can be quite expensive.  Soon I was questioning, how could I enjoy quality beer without breaking the bank?  I found the answer in homebrewing.


     In 1996, I founded Danny's Homebrew to offer a complete line of homebrewing and wine making equipment and supplies.  Over the years, I've brewed the good, the bad, and the ugly, so in addition to providing the equipment and supplies you need to craft your brew, I can share lessons learned, answer questions, and steer you in the right direction.  

     To meet the needs of a variety of schedules,  store hours are by appointment.  If you need something for your next brew, please call me at 301-997-0022 or email me at  Because of my continued commitment to the U.S. Navy, my travels occasionally take me offline, so please feel free to call or text Susan at 301-904-5439 to set-up a convenient time to come by the shop.

     Although I keep a wide variety of grains, DME, liquid malt extract kits, hops, yeast, and equipment (including carboys and starter-kits) in the shop, I have many more items available to order.  A catalog of the 100+ pages of products I carry is available via email.  To minimize shipping and overhead cost and maximize the joy of affordable brewing, individual customer orders are compiled into quarterly truck orders.



Danny's Homebrew